Putting into operation / Setting into service / Commissioning

ISENG-MONT, Ltd. offers delivery of turn-key investment units :

  • for central supply of technological steam and heat to the industry
  • for central heat and steam supply for the communal sphere
  • for the building and reconstructions of boiler rooms
  • for building and reconstructions of boilers
  • for building and reconstructions of exchanging interchange stations and house exchanging station
  • for building of steam lines, heat lines and ductless distributors
  • or building of technological equipment in food and chemical industries

With in the complex turn-key delivery we do the complex engineering, working out the project documentation ( the feasibility study ) for the building proceeding, we represent the customer at the building proceeding, we work out realisation ( implementation ) projects of all professions, we execute the construction with all tests and measurements needed for a particular investment, including the covering documentation. After the operator training we deliver the work to a customer for a testing operation and we hand in the covering documentation of the building for the purpose of the approval proceeding.
On the basic of long-term experience we offer each customer the most optimal solution with the best price-delivery date-quality-savings ration.