Putting into operation / Setting into service / Commissioning

Putting the new boilers and boiler rooms into operation, boilers after modification and reconstructions.
Working out the technical documentation of boiler rooms and boiler and pressure tank passports.
Theoretical and practical operator training .
Protocolar disposition / delivery of the complete work to the operator.

Inspection and testing activities

Inspections, tightness and pressure testing of special pressure equipment without the limitation on parameters.
Inspections of the special gas and electrical equipment
Defectoscopy weld testing
Capilary tests
Ultrasound tests
Vacuum tests

Quality system, certification, authorization

The strategy of the ISENG-MONT, Ltd. company is to provide all customers in the cities and industrial plants with the high-quality and complex services, that will ensure the economical reliable operation.
Authorizations of the company :

The authorization for the production, assembly, repairs and reconstructions of special pressure equipment in this range :

  • steam and liquid boilers classes I-IV
  • pressure stationary tanks of classes I-IV
  • boilers with the overpressure up to 00.05 MPa of class V
  • piping systems – water vapour or hot water of class I
  • piping system – air of class II

Authorization for the assembly of special gas equipment in the range :

  • Af – decompression devices with the input overpressure over 0,3 MPa
  • Ah-gas distribution with the overpressure over 0,3 MPa and in accordance with STN 386410, STN 386420, STN 386460
  • Ag-gas boilers with the output/duty over 0,5 MW
  • Bf – decompression devices with the input overpressure up to 0,3 MPa
  • Bh – gas distributors with the overpressure up to 0,3 MPa, in accordance with STN 386413, STN 386420, STN 386441, STN 386460
  • Bg – appliances up to the output of 0,5 MW including, in accordance with STN 070703, STN 386441

Since the year 2004 ISENG-MONT, Ltd. company has had a quality system ISO 9000:2001 introduced.