The profile of the company

ISENG-MONT, Ltd. was founded in the year 1995 with the registered office in Levice. One of the main goals of the company is to provide complex services in the field of power engineering for the communal and industrial spheres. On the basis of these objectives the company has built up its structure and growth in a planned and purposeful way. Since its establishment the company
Has gradually realized the orders from the repairs, reconstructions of boilers, exchangers up to the complex turn – key deliveries including the engineering and project work.
The main aim of the company is to act directly or in the form of higher subsupplier in the position of general supplier of the construction. At this activity the company uses rich experience of its workers and verified sub-supplying partners. The company exclusively provides the realization of technological operating sets by means of its own qualified employees with certificates. ISENG-MONT, Ltd. has certificates for manufacturing, assemblies, repairs and reconstructions of the special pressure and gas equipment. Managers and site agents are the competent persons for the management and control of the works by course of law, regulations of the Inspectorate of Work and TI SE, and norms in force. ISENG-MONT, Ltd. is certificated in IS 9000:2000.