Dear Business Friends,

I am pleased to present to you the company ISENG-MONT, Ltd., Levice, its history, working results and the offer ( the range ) of services.
ISENG-MONT Ltd. Company belongs to the prominent firms in the SR in the field of communal (municipal) and industrial power engineering. The company has at its disposal the qualified staff (specialists, experts) who have the long – term experience of domestic and foreign power engineering constructions.
We offer our partners trade, engineering, manufacturing, erection ( assembling ) and maintenance services. Our main goal is to provide each customer with the optimal technical solution with the usage of the most modern power equipment in reconstructions, repairs and investment intents.
We provide our customers with the single supplier system i.e. the realization of work in “turn–key ” system. We have the dominant position with in the power engineering and we actively participate in the rationalization of the heating systems in industrial plants and cities. The aim of rationalization measures is to increase the savings in the production and distribution of primary and secondary sources.
The designs of technical solutions of the projects are aimed at the savings of fuels and of heat consumption.
We also solve the projects focused at the savings of fuel, electric energy, technological water as well as at the cuts in the costs of repairs and maintenance of power engineering equipment. The part of technical solutions and designed projects is the reduction of the environmental load caused by the emissions from combustion processes, and the ecologisation of power equipment.
On the basic of our experience and long – term references we are able to provide you with modern technical solutions that are consistent with the high demands on saving operation, durability of the equipment as well as with demanding requirements on the environment protection.

Ing. Igor Slavkov
Factor and Director of the Company